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Микрослайдовая технология VITROS

How it works: VITROS® MicroSlide Technology offers an entire integrated test environment on a thin piece of film. Spreading, masking, scavenger, and reagent layers are discretely combined on one postage-stamp-sized slide to produce first-class precision and accuracy. When plasma, serum, urine, or cerebrospinal fluid come into contact with these dry chemical layers, a spectral reaction occurs, which can be measured by the system. This layered dry slide technology enables separate reaction domains—maximizing each step for exceptional assay performance.

What it offers your lab:

  • Excellent assay performance while reducing costs
  • High-quality results in diverse patient settings
  • Proven methodologies referenced to industry standards, including:
    • Wide dynamic ranges
    • Small sample size
  • Reduced substance interference
  • 95% reportable results efficiency1
  • Minimal operator interventions
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Consistent results over time and across the world
  • No reagent preparation or waste
  • No water, plumbing, or drains
  • No electrodes to maintain
  • No pumps or tubing
  • Up to 12–24 month shelf life
  • Exceptional calibration stability1
  • Minimal storage space

Брошюра Технология Микрослайдов (ENG)